How to Play Cassino – Rules for Cassino Card Game

Cassino is a fishing-type card game. The game was initially known as Casino but later when the game became popular, the players started to spell the name with an extra “S” and it became Cassino. let’s start the guide on How to Play Cassino. What are the requirements to play Cassino? A 52 cards standard … Read more

How to Play President – Rules for President Card Game

President is an easy-to-play social game. It is also known as Landlord, Root Beer, Scum, and Capitalism. There are many variations of this game available. In this guide, we have covered the basic game. So, let’s start the guide on How to Play President. Important Information to know about President The requirements to Play President … Read more

How to Play 99 – Rules for 99 Card Game

99 is an easy-to-play game and with the help of this guide, you can learn it in just 2 minutes just like Spoons and Old Maid. Here’s the guide on How to Play 99. Important Information to Know before Starting 99 Game The requirements to play 99 A 52 cards standard deck and Two or … Read more