How to Play 31 – Rules for 31 Card Game

31 is an easy-to-learn card game. It is also popular with other names like Blitz, Cadillac, High Hat, Kitty, Scat, and Cabbage. Here is the guide on How to Play 31.

Important Information about 31

What are the requirements to play 31?

The 52 cards standard deck is required. Two or more players can play this game. So, at least two players are required.

Value of Cards for 31 Card Game:

K, Q, J, 1010

The Object of in 31

The main objective in 31 is to make a hand worth 31 points, of the cards of the same suit.

Dealing the Cards

There are no specific rules for determining the first dealer. But after the first round, the turn to deal transfers in a clockwise manner. After determining, the dealer deals one card at a time, starting from the player on his left till every player gets a hand of three cards.

Then, the dealer places the remaining cards on the table face-down in a pile. This is the “Stockpile”. After that, the dealer picks one card from the top of the stockpile and places it face-up next to it. This is the start of the “Discard pile”.

How to Play 31

The player on the left of the dealer takes the first turn. A player takes his turn by drawing a card from the top of the Stockpile or Discard pile and after that discarding a card to the discard pile. However, a player cannot discard the same card drawn from the discard pile. The subsequent players take their turns in a clockwise manner.

During the game at any time, if a player believes that he has enough points to beat at least one player even if all the other players are allowed one more turn, then he can Knock. A player can knock during his turn only. When a player wants to knock, he cannot draw a card. Knock takes place of drawing and discarding. After the knock, all other players have one more turn.

After finishing the turns, all players show their cards. The player with the lowest points loses the game.

Rules for 31

  • During the game, if any player obtains a hand of 31 points, he can knock immediately and all other players lose.
  • If 2 or more players have the lowest points then the one with the lowest card loses the game.


Some players who want a longer game can give lives to each player. For Example: Each player has 3 or 5 lives at the beginning of the game and every time a player loses the game, he losses a life, and when a player has no lives left, he will be out of the game. In this variation the player who remains in the game till the end wins the game.

In other variations, some players may play the game with poker chips. At, the beginning all players contribute some poker chips to the pot and the winner takes all the pot value.

This is how to play 31. So, play with friends and family and enjoy!

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Thank you.

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