How to Play 500 Rummy – Rules for 500 Rummy Card Game

500 rummy is an easy-to-play card game. The players score points for forming melds. Here is the guide on How to Play 500 Rummy.

Important Information about 500 Rummy

What are the requirements to play 500 Rummy?

A 52 cards standard deck is required. 2 to 4 players can play this game. However, more than 4 players can play this game by adding one or two extra decks.

The Object in 500 Rummy

The main object in 500 Rummy is to be the first player to score 500 points. A player can score points by forming melds. The valid melds are Set and Sequence.

Set: Set means 3 or 4 cards of the same rank. Example: 5 of Hearts, 5 of Clubs, and 5 of Spades.

Sequence: A sequence means 3 or more cards of the consecutive ranks of the same suit. Example: 2 of Spades, 3 of Spades, and 4 of Spades.

A player scores negative points for the un-melded cards in his hand when someone goes out. Aces (A) are both high and low. So, a player can make sequences of A-2-3 and A-K-Q both. However, a player cannot make a sequence of K-A-2.

Dealing The Cards

The dealer is selected randomly. After selection, the dealer deals 13 cards to each player, if there are only 2 players and for more than 2 players, the dealer deals 7 cards to each player. After that, he places the remaining cards on the table, in a pile, face-down. It is called the “Stockpile”.

Then, he turns up the top card of the stockpile and places it side by side to the stockpile. This is the starting of the “Discard Pile”. During the game, the players have to discard the cards to this pile.

How to Play 500 Rummy

The player on the left of the dealer starts the game by taking the first turn. The players take turns in a clockwise manner. A player takes his turn by drawing a card either from the top of the stockpile or from the discard pile.

After drawing a card, if the player has any melds then he lays down the meld on the table. The player ends his turn by discarding a card to the discard pile, after laying down a meld. If the player does not have any meld then he can end his turn after drawing the card.

The player places the discarded card on the top of the discard pile in such a way that all the cards below it remain visible. A player can draw any card from the discard pile, but he has to take all the cards placed above the card drawn. The card drawn from the discard pile should be immediately used in laying it down in a meld, or the player can add that card to the already formed melds.

However, it is not necessary to use the remaining cards taken from the discard pile in that turn. When a player is left with only one un-melded card after drawing, he can go out by discarding the last card from his hand. As soon as a player goes out or the stockpile runs out of the cards, the round comes to an end.


After a round ends, the score of all the players is totaled. Players score points for the cards melded and score negative points for the un-melded cards. Points for each card are as follows:

Ace (A)15 Points
2- 10Face Value
King (K), Queen (Q), Jack (J)10 Points

The net points scored by the players at the end of the round are added to their total score of all the rounds. The first player able to reach 500 points wins the game.

This is How to Play 500 Rummy.

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