How to Play Cassino – Rules for Cassino Card Game

Cassino is a fishing type card game. The game was initially known as Casino but later when the game became popular, the players started to spell the name with an extra “S” and it became Cassino. By reading this guide on How to Play Cassino, you’ll be able to play this game in just 10 minutes. So, let’s start the guide on How to Play Cassino.



A 52 cards standard deck is used.

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Two to four players can play this game.

The Object of The Game

The main objective of the game is to score points by capturing some specific cards during the game.

Dealing The Cards

The dealer deals four cards to each player face-down and four cards in the center face-up in the sets of two. As soon as the players play their four cards, the dealer again deals four cards to each player in sets of two. But this time the dealer does not deal the cards in the center. This process continues until all the 52 cards get finished.

The Gameplay

The player on the left of the dealer starts the game by taking the first turn and then the play moves in a clockwise manner. A player takes his/her turn by placing a card from his/her hand to the center. Based on the card played by the player, he/she can take some cards from the center. It is known as Capturing the Cards.

The captured cards are placed in a corner and will not participate in the game. Those are used in the end to count points. However, if a player cannot capture any cards with the card played, then the card played remains on the table. A player can capture cards only with the following methods:

1) Capturing the Cards by Matching

If the player has a card that matches a face-up card of the center then he/she can play that card on the table and take both matching cards from the table. Example: There is a 7 on the table and the player also has a 7 in his/her hand then the player can play the 7 on the table and then capture both 7s from the table.

2) Capturing the Cards by Combining

The player can also capture more than one card from the center if the total of those cards matches a card in his/her hand. Example: If a 5, a 2, and a 3 are in the center and the player has a 10 then the player can play the 10 on the table, and then he/she can capture 5, 2, and 3 along with 10. This works only in case of the numbered cards.

3) Capturing the Cards by the combination of Matching and Combining

A player can capture the cards by combining the above two options. For Example: If there is a 5, a 3, and an 8 in the center and the player has an 8 in his/her hand then the player can capture the other 8 by matching and the 5 and 3 by combining.


A player can make a build by combining one card from his/her hand with one card from the center. To make a build, the player must have a card that equals the combined value of the build.

For Example: If there is a 5 in the center and the player has a 4 then the player can make a build by playing the 4 on the 5, but the player must have a 9 to make this build. A player can capture this build by matching it with a 9. The player who makes a build cannot capture it in the same turn, he/she have to wait till the next turn. If any other player has a 9, he/she can steal this build.

A player can add a card to an existing build if the player has a card that equals to the total value of the new build. Continuing the above Example: A player can add an Ace (A) to the build of 4 and 5 if the player has a 10. Builds are only possible with numbered cards.

As soon as the players’ four cards get finished, the dealer deals another four cards to each player. The game continues in this way until all 52 cards are finished.


For some specific cards, the player gets some points. Those cards and their points are mentioned below:

Most Cards3 Points
Most Spades1 Point
10 of Diamonds (Big Casino)2 Points
2 of Spades (Little Casino)1 Point
Ace (A)1 Point Each

If there is a tie between two or more players for most cards or most spades, no-player receives any point. The first player able to score 21 points wins the game.

Now you know How to Play Cassino. Play with friends and family and enjoy.

Thank you.

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