How to Play Garbage(Trash) – Rules for Garbage(Trash)

Garbage is an easy-to-play card game. It is also known as “Trash” or “Ten” but the “Garbage” name is more popular. So, here also we’ll use the name “Garbage”. Here is our guide on How to Play Garbage.

Important Information about Garbage card game

The requirements to play Garbage

A 52 cards standard deck is required. However, it depends on the total number of players. If there are 3 players then one deck is sufficient, for 4 to 6 players, 2 decks are sufficient and for 7 or more players 3 decks are used, and so on. Also, at least two players are required to play this game.

What are the Wild Cards in Garbage?

King is the wild card. However, some players treat Jack as the wild card. It depends upon the players playing the game. But it should be determined at the beginning of the game, which card to be treated as the wild card.

What are the Garbage Cards?

Garbage cards depend on which card is to be treated as the wild card. If King is the wild card then Queen and Jack will be the garbage cards. In the other case if Jack is the wild card then Queen and King will be the garbage cards.

The Object of a player in Garbage

The main objective of the player in Garbage is, to be the first player to fill the layout of 10 cards, that is on the front of the player, with all cards, face-up in appropriate positions as shown below:

Image for Appropriate positions of Cards (How to Play Garbage)

How cards are dealt in Garbage

The dealer is selected randomly. After the selection, the dealer deals 10 cards, face-down to each player in a format that should look like this:

Image of Setup of garbage(Trash)

The players are not allowed to see the cards. The dealer places the remaining cards on the table in a pile. It is called the “Stock Pile”.

How to Play Garbage

The player on the left side of the dealer starts the game by drawing a card from the stockpile. There are three possibilities:

1)The card drawn is a Pip card(i.e:- From A to 10):

In this case, the player should place that card in its appropriate position as shown in the first image. At that position, there is already a card face-down. The player replaces that face-down card by placing the first card face-up.

Now, If the card picked from that position is a Pip card(i.e:- From A to 10) then again he places that card in the appropriate position. The above-mentioned process continues until the player picks a Garbage card. The player’s turn comes to end if he picks a Garbage card.

If the player picks a pip card for which the appropriate position is already occupied by a face-up card, then the player’s turn comes to end.

In the end, the player discards that garbage card or that numbered card and places it next to the stockpile. This is the starting of the “Discard Pile”.

2)The card drawn is a Wild card or during the turn, a player gets a wild card:

If the drawn card is a wild card, then the player can place that card in any position as per his choice and pick up the face-down card from that position and continue the turn.

If during the turn, a player picks a face-down card from any position and it is a wild card, then also he can place it on any position.

Wild cards are movable, which means if a player places the wild card on a position, and then during the game, he gets the appropriate card for that position, then the player can replace that wild card with that appropriate card and can use that wild card to unlock a new face-down card.

Example: If the player has placed a wild card in the position of 5 and during the game, he gets 5 of diamonds then he can replace that wild card with 5 of diamonds and use it to unlock a face-down card. Like, if there is a face-down card at the position of 7 then he can replace it with the wild card which is picked from the place of 5, and continue the game.

3)The drawn card is a Garbage card or during the turn, the player gets a Garbage card:

In this situation, the player’s turn comes to an end. The player discards that card and places it next to the stockpile and starts “Discard Pile”.

After the end of the first player’s turn, subsequent players take their turn by either picking a fresh card from the stockpile or picking the top card from the discard pile.

Now, if a situation arises when the stockpile runs out of cards then, the dealer takes all the cards except the top card from the discard pile and after shuffling them, he places it face-down in the center of the table. Now, this pile is treated as the stockpile.

How to Win the Game of Garbage

The first player to fill the layout of 10 cards with all the face-up cards in appropriate positions wins the round.

Once a player has filled his layout, other players get one turn to fill their own layout.

The winner and all the other players who have filled up their layout gets One card less in the subsequent round. Like. in the second round, the winner and all the other players who had filled their layouts will be dealt only 9 cards. The 10th position will be unplayable. Now, they only have to place A to 9 in the appropriate positions.

The game continues till a player wins sufficient rounds to low his playable positions to One. As soon as he gets Ace(A) or wild card to fill up that position, he wins the game.

This is how to play Garbage. Play and enjoy it!

Here is a Video Guide on How to Play Garbage

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Thank You.

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