How to Play Old Maid – Rules for Old Maid Card Game

Old Maid is one of the most popular card games among children just like Go Fish and War. The main reason for this popularity of Old Maid is its easy-to-learn and easy-to-play nature. Here also in this guide on How to play Old Maid, we have tried to provide the tutorial as easily understandable as we can. So, let’s start the guide:

How to Play Old Maid

The requirements to play Old Maid:

One standard 52 cards deck is required. One Queen (Q) is removed from the deck. Thus, the players will play with 51 cards. Also, two or more players are required to play this game.

The Object in Old Maid

The main object in Old Maid is to make pairs of the same ranked cards and discard those pairs, and not to be the player holding the odd Queen (Q).

Dealing The Cards

A random player deals one card at a time to each player until all the cards are dealt. There is no such rule that all players should get the same number of cards. So, some players may have one card extra.

How to Play Old Maid

After receiving the cards, all players remove pairs from received cards and discard that pairs face-down on the table. Then, the real game begins.

The player on the left of the dealer draws a card from the dealer’s hand. Remember, no player can see the hand of other players. So, each player offers his hand face-down to the other player. If the drawn card makes a pair with one of that player’s cards, then he discards that pair.

After discarding, the player offers his hand face-down to the player on his left. The player on his left draws a card, discards the pairs if made, and offers his hand to the player on his left and so on. The game continues in this way until all cards are discarded except the Odd Queen. The player holding that odd queen is “Old Maid”.

Here is the video tutorial on How to play Old Maid by Wikihow

This is How you Play Old Maid. Play with friends and family and enjoy!

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