How to Play Spit – Rules for Spit Card Game

The well-known card game Spit is based on the physical speed of the player. The player has to get rid of all his cards as soon as possible. Here is the guide on How to Play Spit.

What are the requirements to play Spit?

The 52 cards standard deck and two players are required to play this game.

The Object in Spit

The main objective of spit is to get rid of all the cards from the hand as soon as possible. The first player left with no cards wins the game.

Determining Dealer and Dealing The Cards

There are no rules as to the determination of the dealer. One of the Two players can deal the cards. The dealer deals 26 cards to each player and the players will make a layout out of these cards.

How to Set-up Spit

Each player sets a layout for himself out of the cards dealt to him. The layout of the spit is very similar to the layout of the “Tableau” area in Solitaire.

  • Place one card face-up on the table and place another 4 cards face-down next to the face-up card. As a result, 5 piles are created. These piles are known as players’ stockpiles.
  • Then, place one card face-up slightly lower on the first face-down card, and place one card face-down slightly lower on each of the remaining piles.
  • Repeat the above step until the last pile has a face-up card.
  • The remaining cards with the player are known as his spit cards.
  • After that, the players turn up the first card from their spit cards and place them side by side in the center of the table.

Set-up of Spit:

Layout of Spit Card Game (How to Play Spit)
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How to Play Spit

The game begins when both players place their turned-up cards in the center of the table. These 2 cards are the starting of the middle piles. After playing the turned-up cards, the players start moving cards from their layout to the middle piles by following some rules.

Rules for Moving Cards from The Layout to The Middle Piles

  • A player can only move a card to the middle pile if the card is one rank lower or one rank higher than the card on the top of the middle pile. Example: If the top card on one of the middle piles is 8 then the player can only move 7 or 9 to that pile.
  • Aces (A) are High and Low both in this game. So, they can be played on Kings and 2s both.
  • During the game, if a pile is exhausted then the player can move a card from another pile to that empty space.

When both the players cannot move their cards to the middle piles and are stuck, they can turn up another card from their spit cards and again start moving their cards.

When one of the players gets rid of all cards from his stockpiles, both players have to slap one of the middle piles and take all the cards of that pile. Each player tries to slap the middle pile which has the lower number of cards because the player who gets rid of all his cards first, will be the winner.

After taking the middle pile, the players mix that pile with spit cards and shuffle. After that, both the players make a new layout and turn up the first card from the spit cards, and place it in the center of the table to make middle piles and begin moving the cards. The game continues this way until a player wins the game.

The player who is able get rid of all his cards first, wins the game.

This is how to play spit. Play with your friends and family and enjoy!

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Thank you.

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