How to Play Spite and Malice – Rules for Spite and Malice

Spite and malice is a fun to play card game. Learn the game from our guide on How to Play spite and Malice. By reading our guide you’ll be able to play this game in just 10 minutes. So, let’s start the guide on How to Play Spite and Malice.



Two 52 cards standard decks are used in this game.

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Two players required to play the game.


The ranks of the cards from lowest to highest are: Ace (A), 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, Jack (J), Queen (Q). Kings are wild cards in this game. Suits do not matter in this game.

The Object of The Game

The main objective is to get rid of all the cards from the Pay-off pile(Explained later). The player who gets rid of all his/her Pay-off pile cards first, wins the game.

Determining Dealer and Dealing The Card

One of the players is selected as the dealer randomly. The dealer mixes and shuffles both the decks and takes out 4 Aces from that big stack. After that, he/she places that Aces in the center. These are the starting of the 4 building piles.

After that, the dealer deals 20 cards to each player face-down. The player places these cards in a pile on the table. These piles are known as Player’s Pay-off Piles. Remaining cards are placed in a stack between both the player’s pay-off piles. This pile is known as the Stockpile.

The Gameplay

Both the players start the game by turning up the first card from their pay-off piles. The player with the highest-ranking turned up card takes first turn. The first turn of both the players begins by drawing five cards from the stockpile. After drawing five cards from the stockpile, the player starts moving cards from the five cards in his/her hand and from his/her Pay-off pile to the building piles by following some rules.


  • The building piles must be in a sequence starting with Ace (A) and ending with Queen (Q). So, a player can only move a card to the building pile which is one rank higher than the top card that building pile.
  • Kings (K) are wild cards, so a player can move a King (K) on the top any other card of the building pile without breaking the sequence.
  • As soon as a player completes a building pile by moving a Queen or King(Wild Card) to that pile, the opposing player takes that completed pile and shuffles that pile in the stockpile, and the space of that building pile is now empty.
  • In that blank space, a player can move an Ace and start a new building pile but remember, there should not be more than four building piles at any point of time during the game.

A player completes his/her turn by discarding a card from his/her hand to one of his/her discard pile face-up. A player can have four discard piles maximum. In the following turns the player can move cards from his/her discard piles to the building piles. The complete set-up of Spite and Malice game should look like this:

Set-up of Spite and Malice (How to Play Spite and Malice)
Set-up of Spite and Malice

But remember, the discard piles of the players are empty at the beginning.

After playing the first turn, the players have to draw enough cards from the stockpile to have five cards in their hands at the starting of each following turn. If during a turn, the player moves all five cards from his/her hand to building piles than he/she has to immediately draw five cards from the stockpile.


The player who gets rid of all the cards from his/her Pay-off pile first, wins the game. If the stockpile runs out of cards before a player wins the game than the game comes to the end and the result is a draw.

Now, you know How to Play Spite and Malice. Play and Enjoy.

Thank you.

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