How to Play Spoons – Rules for Spoons Card Game

Spoons is a popular and easy to play card game. In this guide on How to Play Spoons, we have covered the game from the basics. So, don’t worry if you do not know anything about this game. Let’ start the guide on How to Play Spoons.



A 52 cards standard deck is used.

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Two or more players can play this game.


Total number of players – 1, spoons required(Example:- If there are 4 players than 3 spoons are required).

The Object of The Game

During the game, several rounds are played. Whenever a player loses the round, he/she gets a letter of the word “SPOONS”. As soon as a player completes the word SPOONS, he/she is out of the game. The player able to stay in the game till the end wins the game.

The Object of The Round

The main object of the round is to have a spoon at the end of the round. During the game, as soon as a player has four of a kind, he/she can grab a spoon from the center. As soon as a player grabs a spoon from the center, the other players also have to grab a spoon for themselves. In the end, the player without a spoon loses the round.

Determining Dealer and Dealing the Cards

In the spoons card game, the dealer is selected randomly or any player may accept the dealership voluntarily. The dealer arranges all spoons in the center and deals four cards to each player. After that, the dealer places the remaining cards in the center. This is called “Stock Pile”.

The Gameplay

The dealer takes his/her turn and starts the game by drawing a card from the stockpile. After that, he/she discards a non-useful card to the player on the left, face-down. The player on the left takes that card and discards a non-useful card to the player on his/her left, face-down. Every player takes the turn by picking the card discarded by the player on the right and discarding a non-useful card to the player on the left. The last player discards his/her card to the center and makes a “Discard pile”.

After that, the dealer again draws a new card from the stockpile and the game continues this way until a player manages to get four of a kind. After getting four of a kind, the player grabs a spoon for himself/herself. The other players also try to grab a spoon for themselves. In the end, the player without the spoon loses the round.

Some Confusing Situations and Their Solutions

  • If a player grabs a spoon, without having four of a kind or before the player who has four of a kind grabs spoon, then he/she loses the round.
  • During the game, if stockpile runs out of the cards then the dealer makes a new stockpile by re-shuffling the cards of the discard pile.

Now, you know How to Play Spoons. Play with your friends and family and enjoy!

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