How to Play Wish Solitaire – Rules for Wish Solitaire

Wish solitaire is a type of Solitaire(Patience) game. With the help of this guide, you can learn the game in just 2 minutes. Here is How to Play Wish Solitaire.

The Requirements to Play Wish Solitaire

A deck with 32 cards is required. It can be created by removing 2s, 3s, 4s, 5s, 6s of all suits.

The Object in the Game

The main objective of the game is to make pairs.

How to Setup Wish Solitaire

  • Make a set-up of 8 piles having 4 cards in each, face-down.
  • After that, turn the top card of each pile face-up.
  • The whole area on the table consisting of all 8 piles is called the Tableau area.

The Setup of Wish Solitaire:

Set-up of Wish Solitaire (How to Play Wish Solitaire)
Set-up of Wish Solitaire

How to Play Wish Solitaire

Start the game by making pairs from the face-up cards. And then take those pairs and place them aside. Once you take the face-up card from a pile, flip the next face-down card and make it face-up.

Win the game by making pairs of all the cards of the Tableau area.

Here is a video guide on How to Play Wish Solitaire

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