How to Play Wish Solitaire – Rules for Wish Solitaire

Wish solitaire is a type of Solitaire(Patience) game. It is a one-player card game. From this guide on How to Play Wish Solitaire, you can learn this game in just 2 minutes. So, let’s start the guide on How to Play Wish Solitaire.



32 cards required. You have to remove all 2s, 3s, 4s, 5s, 6s.

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One player required to play this game, You.

The Object of The Game

The main objective of the game is to make pairs.


Make a set-up of 8 piles having 4 cards in each face-down. After that, turn the top card of each pile face-up. The whole area on the table consisting of all 8 pile is called Tableau area. The set-up should look like this:

Set-up of Wish Solitaire (How to Play Wish Solitaire)
Set-up of Wish Solitaire

The Gameplay

Start the game by making pairs from the face-up cards. And then take that pairs and place them aside. Once you take the face-up card from a pile, flip the next face-down card and make it face-up.

You win the game by making pairs of all the cards of the Tableau area.

Now you know How to Play Wish Solitaire. Play and enjoy.

Thank you.

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